Sodom and Begorrah is an Irish theatre blog, featuring reviews, previews and news from the Irish stage. If you have any questions, feel free to email us, but here are a few likely questions answered already.

What’s with the name?

Irish theatre has a long tradition of creativity and daring. It also has a long tradition of fleecing tourists with plastic Paddy-whackery. An anonymous Dublin wit summed this up nicely in the 1930s, describing Dublin’s Gate and Abbey theatres as ‘Sodom and Begorrah’ respectively. We think this phrase still sums up Ireland’s theatre offering nicely, so we took it.

Can you review or showcase my show?

We’d love to. Email us with any details of the show and we’ll take a look. Free tickets are always appreciated – and make it more likely that we’ll get a chance to go to your show. However, giving us tickets does not guarantee a positive review. We review theatre events without any fear or favouritism.

I’d like to write for you. Can I?
If we like it, we’ll publish it. Email us with something you’ve written for the blog, or an idea you have for an article. If you’d like to review a show, just email us with 100-200 words on the last play you saw – if we think it’s a fit, we’ll get in touch with an assignment. In either case, we’ll give constructive feedback on what you’ve submitted.


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